We begin the Feminine Alchemy program at New Moon, ruled by the energy of the old woman: wise, healer, witch.

This phase corresponds to our inner winter, so we feel more introspective, reflective, sensitive and vulnerable.

Themes and activities


The Moon Mandala is a menstrual diary that helps us to map our inner cycle in a simple, practical and effective way.

By combining some indicators, we can easily detect our fertile period, planning or avoiding a pregnancy, respecting and honouring all the emotions that come with the physical transformations taking place throughout the month.



Everytime you menstruate, your body is not only fulfilling its natural function but also a sacred act. The blood comes to cleanse us energetically and to release what no longer serves us.

Donating the blood to the earth connects us to nature and makes us understand, sacralise and revere our own cycles.



We will explore the ceramic technique to create a piece/amulet that activates and simbolizes our divine essence, remembering that we are spiritual beings living an earthly experience. 

*This practice will be guided by Deborah Jovanovic



In the second week we will work under the energy of the Crescent Moon, ruled by the virginal, young, warrior maiden.

This phase corresponds to our inner spring and we feel expansive, dynamic, independent and sensual.


Themes and activities


Sensuality means availability to feel. It creates a high self-esteem in women, making them feel more beautiful and powerful.

We will bring all the attention to the body and body language, exploring movement with practices of Yoga, dance and breathing. When we do this, we activate and stimulate all 5 senses in order to awaken the sensuality that guides us to the center of our feminine energy and personal power. 

*This practice will have the collaboration of Catarina Esteves



In the 3rd week we will work under the energy of the Full Moon, ruled by the mother, the empress, the guardian.

This phase corresponds to our inner summer and we feel at the peak of our energy, communicative, expansive, full.


Themes and activities


Vulnerability is the center of shame and fear, but it is also the origin of joy, creativity, belonging and love. To be vulnerable is to be brave, it is choosing the discomfort of exposure.

Through ancestral practices and rituals we will expose and open ourselves to be cared for and nourished, inviting kindness and total surrender.

*This practice will have the collaboration of Catarina Esteves 


In the fertile period we feel more beautiful, we feel a desire to dress better and to take better care of ourselves. 

By using make-up, we will explore textures, colours and shapes, redefining the way we take care of ourselves and how we see ourselves, giving new meaning to embellishment and adornment and bringing greater autonomy in personal care as well as a greater connection and understanding of ourselves.

Remembering that, like so many other arts, make-up is a form of communication and expression!


In the 4th and last week we will work under the energy of the Waning Moon, ruled by the sorceress, the wizard, the priestess, the woman-alchemy. 

This phase corresponds to our inner autumn and we feel again introspective, mysterious, intuitive, magical.


Themes and activities


The invitation is to get closer to our inner nature through the knowledge of plants, flowers, roots and resins, creating a deep connection with the Earth and coming into direct contact with the whole cosmic symphony of nature. 


"We are what we eat, drink, think and feel."

The goal is to reframe the emotional relationship we have with food, respecting the individuality of each body and organism, gaining awareness of the benefits that each food brings to a certain organ and promoting an healthy and regenerative food system.

*This practice will be guided by Matilde Salema


“The modern woman is remembering that she is sacred, she is a daughter of the earth, cyclical, real and that she has in herself the whole power of creation."


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