Dynamic Yoga class, where we'll work the strength and flexibility unifying the breath and the movement and calming the mind.

I feel like the group energy is an energy of share and expansion where I give and receive in each class I teach!

Aula de Yoga dinâmica, onde é trabalhada a força e a flexibilidade unindo a respiração ao movimento e acalmando a mente.

Sinto que a energia de grupo é uma energia de partilha e expansão, permitindo-me receber e aprender a cada aula que dou!


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Carol is a “one of a kind” yoga teacher with a lot of knowledge and a very warm personality. 


She is extremely professional, dedicated and passionate about Yoga and nature. She pays a lot of individual attention to each person in her groups during the classes and I always feel a great positive energy after the sessions as she manages to reset my outlook on the day ahead. 


The location of her classes is stunning, and her whole approach for me is perfect. She takes time to ground the group at the start of her classes; to stop and absorb the surroundings, listen to nature and engage all your senses of sound, touch and smell before the classes begin which gives you a moment to observe your own body and be mindful of your intention for the class.


I find each session is just challenging enough without being too taxing and I always find them both energizing and rejuvenating. I never feel any judgement if I cannot maintain a pose as the whole atmosphere is supportive and full of synergy and alliance.


Very good vibes and positive energy. 


Carol works wonders on the body and the mind. Best instructor I´ve ever had.

Jennifer Monaghan