My name is Carolina and I'm Portuguese.

I live in a magical place called Colares, near Sintra, between the forest and the sea.

I love to travel and explore new countries until I "feel like home" and leave parts of my heart in every place I visit.

I believe that each person that crosses my path has a specific purpose in my life.

Shy but communicative and I love to party!

I'm extremely grateful for the family I have and I almost always get very emotional and overwhelmed by the beauty of Nature.

My aim is to help women get in touch with their Alchemical essence, working the mind, body and spirit, through different practices that activate femininity, seduction, creativity, intuition and sensitivity, developing personal power and embracing individuality

Chamo-me Carolina e sou Portuguesa.

Vivo num lugar mágico chamado Colares, em Sintra, entre o mar e a floresta.

Adoro viajar, conhecer um País novo até me sentir “em casa” e deixar partes do coração por cada lugar onde passo.

Acredito que cada pessoa que cruza o meu caminho tem um propósito na minha vida.

Considero-me tímida mas comunicativa e adoro festejar!

Sou muito grata pela família que tenho e quase sempre choro extasiada com a beleza da Natureza.

O meu intuito é ajudar mulheres a entrarem em contacto com a sua essência Alquímica, trabalhando a mente, o corpo e o espirito, através de diversas práticas que activam a feminilidade, sedução, criatividade, intuição e sensibilidade, desenvolvendo o poder pessoal e abraçando a individualidade. 

Yoga at Home



Reiki means Universal Energy. It is a complementary and integrative therapy of japanese origin which aims to revitalize the natural state of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. One of Reiki's functions is to channel our vital energy through the hands, promoting the process of natural healing of the body alignmenting the chakras. 


Makeup, like so many other arts, is a form of communication and expression!

The creative process take us to a meditative bubble, which brings us into deep contact with our inner self! 

They are pure journeys of self-knowledge!


Remembering Ancestral Knowledge and Wisdom

For all women seeking an intimate relationship with themselves.

Awaken your authentic, wild, free and creative side!

Yoga is medicine!

Your path way home.

It's the cure through the body.

A transformative internal journey.

It is to learn to observe ourselves deeply...

without judgment.

It is to let ourselves deep dive into our being,

moving our bodies intuitively.

It's the feeling of a hug.

Yoga is both in and out of the yoga mat.

It's a practice, a lifestyle, a way of thinking, of being.